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The Platinum Approach


First meeting to discuss what you are looking for and how we can assist. We qualify each client to ensure that they really do require our service and that we can assist with their property purchase.


We do an in-depth search of all the properties which may meet your criteria. We build the right relationships with the agents and brokers so as to have access to on market, off market and preview properties.

Due Diligence

Do the necessary checks to ensure that the property serves its purpose and engage with professionals to provide the necessary reports to substantiate your decision-making process.


Appraise based on comparables and the current market, negotiate and secure the property.


Manage the process of researching, negotiating , due diligence all the way to settlement and beyond. We provide all the support necessary and the right contacts to execute  and close the deal

Do you resonate with this?

Time Poor– Long working hours and weekend work, personal commitment’s on the weekend or you would just like to chill out after a long working week. The thought of rushing from work to see properties or sacrificing your Saturdays to go from one house to another becomes very time consuming.  At Platinum Property Finders we do all the work for you, we spend countless hours engaging with agents, inspecting and researching so that we find the right property for your needs, and you can reclaim your weekends. We manage the process of house hunting for you to ensure the research, the due diligence all the way to settlement is done smoothly.

First time home buyer – looking to secure your first property , yet you don’t know where to start , what the process is or even how to successfully negotiate to close the deal , but also ensure that you have purchased at the right price. We have the expertise and tools to ensure you find the right property and our comparable sales analysis will help you buy at the right price point.

Missing out on properties – If you are not in the know and ready to move quickly on a deal , generally you will miss out. The advantage of having a buyers agent is that we will get information early due to our agent/buyer relationship, we see countless properties in one week and can work with our client and agent to close the deal quickly.

International Buyer – If you are looking to buy in Sydney and you do not know the market , the agents, the process, and time zone works against you, then we can be your point of contact. We can do all the work for you and ensure you are aware of all the nuisances that are specific to the Australian market. All you need to do is ensure you are happy with the property and willing to sign on the dotted line.

Feeling Frustrated with the process – have you just had enough running around all weekend and spending countless nights researching and talking to agents, however you are not successful in closing a deal. Leave that to us here at Platinum Property Finders, we will do the mundane and frustrating work for you to ensure we secure the right home for you.

Our expertise and numerous hours of research, inspecting, agent relationship and contacts whether in the mortgage broker space or lawyers will help you ensure that the process of purchasing the right home for you goes smoothly and that you can feel confident with your final decision.

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