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After living abroad for several years I returned to Australia with my newly married husband in tow. Sydney’s housing market was exactly like a bull pit, competition was high and as a buyer you needed to be ready to close the deal. Gone were the days of viewing a property several times, taking your time to think about the purchase and ticking all the boxes, you had to be ready to pounce in this market.

We spent weekend after weekend searching for the right property, missing out on so many, dealing with unruly competition and met with so many agents in a bid to get ahead. Eventually we secured our first home as a married couple, with plenty of mistakes made.

Only through reflecting back on our purchase, we realized that there is no one to help a buyer through the process, give them the right information and assist them through the due diligence and negotiation. The real estate agent works for the seller and is out to get the seller the best price, but who is helping the buyer?

That’s when we decided to start up Platinum Property Finders, our mission is to work solely for the buyer and put their best interest first. We find the right property for them, for whatever their situation is and ensure we get the best price possible. We go into the process without the emotion that is entwined with the most expensive purchase one makes in their life, but rather with focus and logical thought process.

Our expertise, professionalism and relationships with many in the industry is to get you the dream purchase